Japan sound

Japanese ancient sounds support your meditation.

You will agree with me that stress is the order of the new world. And you wouldn’t mind to have a sweet simple app on your mobile device that can be fun and as well rock magic, helping you to ease the enormous daily stress. Health is wealth they say and believe me when I say that this app helps protect your body and soul from accumulated damages.

Who is this app for?

Are you the 8 to 11 job guy who spends virtually all day working and have little time to rest, or you belong to the class of those that find it has to sleep, a lover of nature, do you love to meditate but can’t seem to find your vibes, then Japan Sound is for you.


Nice, I am glad you asked…
Japan sound is not like many other sounds that you may have encountered in the market. It is unique and in no way medically affiliated but does a job that is quite commendable. Japan sound is packed with Japanese ancient sounds that helps takes you to another realm.
It is awesomely made to help you catch a quick rest, or fall into dream land without troubling your head or mind, helps to concentrate (if you love yoga, you’ll love japan sound). And the coolest feature is the stress and anger management sounds.
Awesomely, japan sounds helps to relieve you of stress that can cause all this forms of abnormalities through sounds that speaks directly to the human mind and transpires across your soul.

Features of this application

· Ease of operation
· Japanese-style and artistic design
· Sound of the nature of Japan
· Sound of Japanese instrument
· The sound of the Japanese temple
· White noise, pink noise

Purpose of use of this application

·Deep sleep
·Calm of the mind
·Zen meditation
·Stress management
·Anger management

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※This application is not medical equipment. It does not guarantee medical effect.
There are individual differences in the effect of this application.

Water sound

・Mountain stream

Buddhist temple

・Big bell
・Temple block


・Japanese drum
・Japanese harp


・White noise
・Pink noise


Off timer function. Even if you fall asleep while listening to the sound, the application will stop if it is the set time.

Simultaneously playing multiple sounds, you can make only your soundtrack.


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