Japan sound application


In a modern society that we live in today where literarily, we are surrounded by noise; where the vehicle’s horns, the radios and TVs, and the crowd rushing up and down will leave an ever-disturbing effect on the brain, it doesn’t stop there; the brain still has to process series of information that we receive from our smartphones, emails, social media, just to mention few. Have you stopped to wonder whether or not the brain and the mind get tired? When the body is tasked with a very stressful job, it gets tired, and we feel it and act to it, what makes you think the mind doesn’t too? The mind also get tired and needs to be catered for.

Whenever the brain gets tired and needs something to heal it and get it back on track, this application should be your number one choice.

What this application does
It aids meditation

This application is a tested and trusted application for you when you want to practice true meditation; it is an effective application that makes it possible for you to meditate. Meditations have proven to be more effective when aided whit natural sounds of oceans, birds, tides an so on. This application contains all these sounds.

For relieving stress

The sounds of nature and white noise from this applications have proven to be a very influential in reducing or relieving stress. The list of problems caused by stress is without an end, shutting off the mind completely from all form of mental stress and the problems they bring is almost an impossible thing to do. However, the Japan sound application provides an array of sounds optimum way of keeping the body and the mind in the state of rest amidst tensions and struggles.

For relieving depression

The collection of white sounds and sounds of nature in this app has proven to be powerful in reducing depression. The array of sounds put together will reduce negative thoughts and pull one of a depressed state.

Aids relaxation

This sound application doesn’t just have a collection of sounds that are useful in enhancing the brain, and it is a powerful tool towards curing anxiety and aiding relaxation. Research conducted shows that the sounds in the application can be very helpful in raising the alpha waves in the brain. (Alpha waves indicates the level of relaxation )


Features of this application
Simple and easy to use

Not only is this app equipped with every sound needed to turn a sour mind into a happy one it is also designed in such a way that it can be used easily and doesn’t require you to study or red anything before you begin to use it.

Beautiful Japanese style interface

If you are a lover of Japan, then this app I for you. Not just does the array of sounds it contains take your soul to japan, the stylish Japanese interface puts a ring on it.
Please use this application, close your eyes and meditate. Your soul may travel ancient Japan. Even without knowing a complicated meditation method, mysterious sound will bring you to a strange world.

Clear sound
If you want an application series of white noise sounds, then this app is what you need. With this app you will be experiencing HQ relax music meditation & Japanese relaxing music that are an enjoyable sound harmony for the body and soul.

A wide variety of relaxation sounds

The app contains a wide variety of sounds that one can pick from, and you can play various sounds at the same time and create a unique soundtrack. Also, there is an off timer, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it playing till you wake up, all you need do is to set the timer, and the application stops playing the sound at the set time. You can also understand the meaning of each sound by pressing i button.

The possibilities of this application spread infinitely with your imagination.

With this application, You can combine the sound of Japanese streams and waterfalls with the birds singing in Japan and enjoy the sound of Japanese koto and the sound of bells. besides, there are many sounds that make you meditate, such as the sounds of traditional temples and the sound of Japanese drums.
Those who love Japanese culture will feel that if you use this application you will be in a Japanese temple even though you are staying at your house.

How to use Japan Sound


Just like all other app made by symphonic garden lc, Japan sound is most certainly the easiest to use. Each of the sounds can be played, you can also combine as many sounds as you like to give you your desired rhythm. The “all off button” makes it possible for you to stop all playing sounds. There is also a timer slider that allows you set the time for the app to stop playing. The each sound has an “i” button in front of every sound to tell you about the sound.


When having a hectic day or in a mood, get yourself together by connecting your earpiece and listening to the sounds. And also, you don’t have to worry about falling asleep, the timer takes care of that so it is 100% safe. Without a doubt, This is one of the most perfect support tools for you and no matter where you are or how tired you are, listening to the combination of sounds from the collection of sounds from this app will give you the strength and the right attitude to carry on.
Do well to experience this simple and powerful sound magic that this app gives.