10 great Benefits of Hojicha


Hojicha, the Japanese roasted green tea is a fairly common beverage for quite a lot of people. The health benefits of this tea is without measure. Though unlike the more popular green tea, the Hojicha isn’t as heard of but it is as delicious as it is medically beneficial.

Hojicha green tea is a Japan originated tea, it was and still is the most preferred choice of tea in Kiyoto, its city of origin. Something pretty interesting about this tea is the manner in which it is produced. Unlike the normal green tea, which can be extracted from the fresh leaves, hojicha requires the leaves to be roasted first before the tea can be extracted giving it that special taste and soothing aroma without it losing its benefits.

Here are ten of those benefits

It is anti-Oxidant

Just like the green tea, hojicha is one of the best if not the best anti-oxidant agent for removing the effects of free radicals. Taking this tea without a doubt is one of the best way of keeping the body in a healthy state and free from all kind of cancerous cells.

It is anti-aging

Another fascinating thing about this tea is that it contains Vitamin E, which optimizes the benefits of anti-aging and vitamin C to keep the skin looking young and beautiful,

anti aging

It help to lose weight

Green tea contains compounds that can speed up the body metabolism helping to lose weight. In fact, it is scientifically proven that green tea, which hojicha also is burns fat, especially the fats around the abdomen.

lose weight

It strengthens the Immune system

Another fantastic thing about the hojicha green tea is that it can help strengthen the body’s immune system; aiding the body in the fight against diseases and antibodies. The tea contains catechines, which kills bacteria and vitamins A, C and E to strengthen the immune system.

It aids digestion

The fibers inside the hojicha green tea aids digestion by stimulating the movement of intestinal bowel and as a result making digestion very fast.

It relieves stress and aids relaxation

Hojicha is a proven cure for relieving both metal and physical stress. The L-Theanine and amino acid it produces doesn’t only produce taste, it also negates the effect of caffeine left in the tea after roasting, making it one the best teas when it comes to relaxing the brain.


It regulates blood pressure

Hojicha contains theanine that lowers blood pressure and catechins for controlling the blood pressure. The Theanine in the tea help reduce the pressure to the normal level after which it has no effect preventing stroke and other heart diseases.

blood pressure

It reduces bad cholesterol

Hojicha tea contains catechins, which are reducing agents helping to prevent the oxidation low-density lipoprotein, in other words, it reduce cholesterol and imminently lowering the risk of heart diseases.

It helps alleviate arthritis

This roasted green tea contains polyphenol, a compound known for reducing joint inflammation and alleviating arthritis

It aids the general wellbeing

Consuming hojicha green tea is very helpful to the general wellbeing, it makes you calm and relaxed. It is a perfect drink that has the ability to turn your mood around into a good one


Other benefits of the tea includes
It eliminates bad breath.
It stabilizes the blood sugar level.
It has a sleep-tone effect and
It has a detox effect

Hojicha has various health benefits. Let's enjoy hojicha more every day. And please listen to the sound application "Japan Sound" while enjoying hojicha.
You will be able to enjoy hojicha with a relaxed feeling like being in a Japanese garden.