What is Zen (Zazen)


Zen is a word that that describe the act and process of discerning and unveiling the truth of how things are and then harmonize the mind in such a way that it can properly understand this truth. In other words, it refers to the act of harmonizing the body, the mind and the breadth by comfortably sitting in a position and focusing the mind. Zazen is the foundation upon which the teaching of Soto Zen School is built. Zazen as a position or posture is a form of position for Buddha and as such, it is some sought of enlightenment and shouldn’t be expected to achieve any specific goal other than to set us free from all the burdens caused as a result of our delusions, desires and worries. As opposed to the common misconception, the practice of zazen goes beyond just mere sitting, the practice of zazen places the same values given to Zen on our daily activities. Though practicing Zen may seem and sound as if it involves doing and practicing something quite special or extraordinary that is quite different from the normal practices of our daily activities but in reality, this practice is carried out to create an atmosphere where our daily activities are carried out the same way zazen is being carried out and to continually maintain this practice.

Zen as the origin of mindfulness meditation,

The story of the history of mindfulness meditation is a controvertial one. The practice have been identified with the secular art of the mediaval era of Japan, this expression shows both spirituality and some sort of artistic vitality and in recent time, it has become a very prominent one.

Health benefits of zazen meditation

As previously stated and carefully pointed out, there is more to meditation than just sitting down and trying to keep contradiction in check, There is more to it than that, The health benefits of the practice of meditation especially zazen is quite enormous. Below are some of these benefits

Gives a cognitive functioning and mood

Meditation is often regarded as and even likened to the brain’s multivitamins, that is something there is something like that. Consistently carrying out these practice is enough to keep the brain in its perfect state. Another very notable benefit of meditation is that because of the tremendous amount of concentration that is required, it can be a perfect way of treating or reducing the occurrence of depression. Meditation also help to increase cognitive alertness and all the hormones collectively called happy home. These happy hormones are basic players in battling depressing thought and depressions.

In reducing stress and anxiety

Having gone through the hassles and tassels of life at work, no doubt stressing the anxiety and stress that living may produce. When the heart is enduring so much stress, it can lead to some chronic heart issues. Also, the concentration and internal awareness that is gained from the practice of meditation can come in handy is the reduction of the brain’s gray matter.

Meditation improves educational intelligence and omposure.

An emotionally intelligent and composed individual is one who remains calm and still makes good decision even in the midst of a turbulent circumstances. Being emotionally intelligent individual will still focus perfectly and will be productive even in the midst of very boring and repetitive tasks. Meditation have proven to be a perfect and very effective way of improving the overall wellbeing of the body, every day, individuals who engages in it understands the peace of mind and health that comes with this widely effective practice.