Benefits of meditation


Meditation is a practice that has a lot of benefits. Meditation involves getting in touch with your spiritual self. Many people who practice it will attest to the benefits of meditation. Some claim it gives them more energy, and it helps to give the brain a reboot, so to speak, allowing them to become more conscious of themselves and achieve some sort of inner peace despite stressful and troubling times.

So how do you experience the benefits of meditation? First, you need to practice meditating. Don't know how to start meditating? Simple. Find a quiet place, one where you won't be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Try to clear your mind of negative thoughts. It might help if you have soft music playing in the background to help you focus. Concentrate on that music. Or you can focus on a serene place in your mind. Some people repeat a word or phrase again and again while they meditate. The word or phrase is what's called a mantra. When you're meditating, make sure that your body and mind a relaxed; otherwise, you aren't going to experience the benefits of meditation. Release those tense muscles. Loosen up your shoulders and back. Let go of the tightness in your body. Start from your toes going up your body. Relax your feet, then your calves, thighs, tummy, back, neck, and head. When you feel yourself starting to get into a relaxed state, start counting down from ten. Visualize yourself descending from a long staircase. You're going into your subconscious.

Benefits of meditation
Meditation can be an effective way of counteracting such negative influences, and can have other benefits as well. The following are some of the necessary benefits of meditation;

• Stress Relief
Meditation is great for stress relief. This is perhaps one of its most important benefits, because stress can lead to a variety of diseases, including heart disease, stroke and depression. It can often be very difficult to switch off mentally from the day's events, but meditation provides a great way of doing so, and thus helps your body and mind to get some much-needed relaxation.

• Increasing Energy
As well as helping the mind and body to rest, meditation can also provide an energy boost. It might seem paradoxical, since meditation basically involves slowing the mind and body right down, but many people find that after a meditation session they feel both physically and mentally revitalised, and ready to continue with their day with a new enthusiasm.

• Learning To Focus
A further benefit of meditation is that it helps you to learn to focus your mind on one thing. In today's media-saturated age, many of us are subject to information overload, and attention deficit problems are on the increase as a result. Many people find it increasingly hard to focus, and this isn't a good thing, since success in any sphere of life depends in large part on the ability to keep your attention on what's important. So using a meditation method which requires you to maintain a single point of focus on something (such as your breathing for a flickering flame), you're relearning a valuable skill that will benefit the rest of your life as well. People who have the ability to focus are also less stressed as a result of continual mental distraction.

• Exploring The Potential Of the Mind
Another benefit the meditation can provide is that it provides you with the doorway to experiences and abilities that most people never know about. Our minds are much more powerful than most have been led to believe, and if you've ever wanted to explore things like that body experiences, or develop your psychic powers, meditation is the most effective way to do it. This is because meditation provides you with a way to control your brain state and access the levels of consciousness where such abilities and experiences are to be found.

• Meditation develops your patience.
Everyday meditation helps you to become calm and keep its positive condition. And this is most useful especially when you are in difficult situations. You do not get hurt easily, especially because you have a strong resistance to anger and anger in situations you can not control, you are relieved from stress.

• Meditation lets you get into a state of joy and happiness.
We can safely say that a happy person is someone who is free of negativity and because when in meditation you free yourself from worry and anxiety, you end up feeling lighter and happier and more confident of yourself and be in a contented state.

• Meditation reduces fatigue
If you're having trouble getting through the day, then it might be time for a meditation break. Studies show that meditation helps increase alertness, and counteracts fatigue. During testing, the reduction in fatigue allowed meditators to perform at high levels of cognitive performance, even if they had missed sleeping the night before.

• Meditation reduces the impact of physical pain Reducing pain can be an important benefit for people who suffer chronic physical pain. Chronic pain can often lead to mental health issues, with symptoms such as depressed, worried and anxious thinking. Fortunately, studies show that meditation can help relieve the direct experience of physical pain. It can also give sufferers the mental fortitude to consciously direct their response in times of difficult circumstances. The reduction in perceived physical pain can be beneficial to mental and emotional health as well.


Zen is an ancient Japanese meditation method. The founder of Zen meditation is Dogen, about a thousand years ago. Do you know the forest bathing? Meditation has many benefits. Stress management, anger management, enhancing concentration, relieving depression, enhancing creativity, etc ... The sound of mountain streams, the sound of the sea, old Japanese music will support your meditation. If there is no mountain stream or sea nearby, try using the Japan Sound application.