10 great Benefits of green tea

green tea

Apart from water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. But green tea make up only about 20% of the tea that is being consumed daily. Made from unionized leaves, the green tea is certainly one of the less processed and most beneficial tea. It contains series of antioxidants and nutritious contents that are very useful to the body, some of these antioxidants and nutrients include polyphenol, catechins and a host of other flavonoids. In this article, I have put together a list of ten health benefits of green tea. Have a look at them.

It rejuvenates and enhances the brain

This sounds a little farfetched doesn’t it? The consumption of a cup of green tea has amazingly stunning benefits on the brain making you smarter. Green tea contain small quantity of caffeine, very small but enough to cause a serious enhancement of various brain functions. Also, a recent studies conducted by researchers shows that the green tea contains amino acid L-theanin which has shown to be very pivotal in enhancing the brain’s functionality.

green tea

It improves relaxation

Just as I have stated above, the green tea contains amino aid L-theanine. This L-theanin isn’t just useful in enhancing the brain, it is a powerful tool towards curing anxiety an d aiding relaxation. The L-theanine can be regarded as neurotransmitters responsible for raising the alpha waves in the brain. (Alpha waves indicates level of relaxation )


It lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Another arousing benefit of green tea is reducing the risk of contracting any of the cardiovascular diseases, which includes stroke and ischemic heart disease. Many studies that have been conducted have shown that the consumption of green tea could tremendously reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. In fact, I came across a research paper, which suggest the drinking of 5 or more cups of green tea because it decreases the risk of death by cardiovascular disease by an average of 26%.

Reduces aging and leaves your beautiful skin

Green tea is packed full with compounds and antioxidants, this is responsible for the ability of the green tea to slow down the rate of aging. Another thing about these antioxidants is that they help protect the various cells in the body from damage. The principle with which the green tea keeps the body young and the skin beautiful is quite fascinating, the antioxidants present in the tea prevents the breaking down of collagen.


It burns fat and id weight loss

Yes, green tea burns fat and it does it quite well. Green tea contains so thermogenic qualities stimulate the oxidation of excess fat in the body and enhance the rate of metabolism. A recently conducted research shows that the rate of fat oxidation increases by over 17% when green tea is consumed.

It reduces the risk of diabetes (diabetes type ii)

Green tea has proven itself very helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes type ii, it has also proven itself to be a powerful tool in reducing the blood sugar as it induces compounds which can moderately reduce the sugar level and enhance the sensitivity of the insulin.

green tea

It makes the bones healthy

Quite recently, research has been conducted to see what effect green tea has on the bone. The result of the study proves that not only does the catechins in the green tea promote bone growth; it also increases the mineralization of the bone making it stronger and healthier.

It aids vision and prevents eye disease

Green tea has also shown to have a tremendous effect on the eye. The catechins it contains help protect the eyes from damages and prevent the loss of vision. I also helps reduce the oxidative stress on the tissues of the eyes.

It improves dental health

The catechins gotten from green tea is very effective in preventing the growth of certain bacterial and viruses. This without a doubt will tremendously reduce the risk of dental infection and tremendously improve dental health and reduce bad breath.


It reduces the risk of cancer

We all know that cancer is as a result of an uncontrollable cell growth. It is well known for being one of the world leading death causes. The fact that cancerous cells develop as a result of oxidants and harmful substances in the blood. However, green tea contains antioxidants that removes and neutralize the effects of the oxidative cancerous cells. Green tea have proven to be particular helpful in reducing the risk of contracting breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.


Green tea has various health benefits. Let us enjoy green tea more every day. Moreover, please listen to the sound application "Japan Sound" and enjoy green tea. You will be able to enjoy green tea with a relaxed feeling like being in a Japanese garden.